We offer three and four year study options for the BSc Biochemistry or Biotechnology with Management programmes:

  • The three-year programmes include two years studying biochemistry or biotechnology, followed by one year in the Business School
  • The four-year programmes bring the first three years up to the same level as the full BSc Biochemistry or Biotechnology programme, followed by a year in the Business School.

Find out more about the course structure, entry requirements and how to apply.

Information for current students

Key teaching staff

 Dr Huw Williams

Director of Undergraduate Studies

Dr Huw Williams


Dr Patrik Jones

Admissions Tutor

Dr Patrik Jones

 Colin Turnbull

Chair of the Board of Examiners

Professor Colin Turnbull

 Dr Dave Hartley

Senior Teaching Fellow, Research Abroad and Year in Industry/Research Coordinator

Dr Dave Hartley

 Dr Stuart Haslam

Senior Tutor

Dr Stuart Haslam

 Dr Derek Huntley


Dr Derek Huntley

Dr Steve Connolly

Undergraduate Liaison Officer AND CAREERS ADVISER

Dr Steve Connolly

Dr Anita Hall

Senior Teaching Fellow and First Year Convenor

Dr Anita Hall

Key teaching staff

All staff

Biochemistry and Biotechnology teaching staff

Staff nameTeaching PositionEmailRoom Number
Dr Geoff Baldwin   g.baldwin 508 SAF
Professor Jake Baum   jake.baum 609 SAF
Dr Morgan Beeby   m.beeby  502 SEC
Dr Kostas Beis   konstantinos.beis Diamond
Professor Hugh Brady   h.brady 504 SAF
Professor Stephen Brickley   s.brickley 402A SEC
Dr Doryen Bubeck   d.bubeck  506 SEC
Professor Bernadette Byrne   b.byrne 128 SEC
Professor George Christophides   g.christophides 616 SAF
Dr Abigail Clements   a.clements   Lvl1, Flowers
Dr Ernesto Cota   e.cota 502 SEC
Professor Stephen Curry   s.curry 404A SEC
Dr Alfonso De Simone   adesimon 603 SEC
Professor Anne Dell FRS  Head, Department of Life Sciences a.dell 101B SEC
Professor Kurt Drickamer   k.drickamer 606 SEC
Professor Robert Endres   r.endres 303 SEC
Dr Virginia Fairclough   virginia.fairclough08 239 SEC
Professor Alain Filloux   a.filloux 1.42 Flowers
Professor Gad Frankel   g.frankel 1.46 Flowers
Professor Nick Franks   n.franks H736A Huxley
Dr Giorgio F. Gilestro   g.gilestro 408 SEC
Dr Niki Gounaris   k.gounaris 205 SEC
Dr Anita Hall Biochemistry Women's Tutor & First Year Convenor anita.hall 601 SEC
Dr Dave Hartley Research Abroad & Year in Industry/Research Co-ordinator d.hartley 206 SEC
Dr Stuart Haslam Senior Tutor s.haslam 101A SEC
Professor Erhard Hohenester   e.hohenester 406 SEC
Dr Derek Huntley Second Year Convenor d.huntley 3rd Floor SEC
Dr Patrik R Jones
  p.jones 503 SAF 
Professor Cristina Lo Celso   c.lo-celso 603 SAF
Dr David Mann   d.mann 605 SEC
Professor Steve Matthews   s.j.matthews 506 SEC
Dr James Murray   j.w.murray 724 SEC
Professor Peter Nixon   p.nixon 705 SEC
Dr Kenji Okuse   k.okuse 406 SEC
Professor Gloria Rudenko   g.rudenko 604 SAF
Professor Bill Rutherford   a.rutherford 702 SEC
Professor Murray Selkirk   m.selkirk 204 SEC
Dr Tony D. Southall   t.southall 220 SEC
Professor Mike Sternberg   m.sternberg 306 SEC
Dr Maureen Taylor   m.taylor 607 SEC
Professor Jasper van Thor   j.vanthor 404 SEC
Dr Robert Weinzierl Chairman, Biochemistry and Biotechnology Board of Examiners r.weinzierl 550 SAF
Professor Bill Wisden   w.wisden 401B SEC
SAF -  Sir Alexander Fleming Building
SEC - Sir Ernst Chain Building

Exam dates

Biochemistry and Biotechnology exam timetable 2020-21

First Year       
Biological Chemistry Monday 18-Jan-21 10.00-13.00
Cell Biology Wednesday 20-Jan-21 10.00-13.00
Enzymes and Metabolism Tuesday 04-May-21 10.00-13.00
Molecular Biology Thursday 06-May-21 10.00-13.00
Second Year      
Structural Biology Tuesday 19-Jan-21 10.00-13.00
Genes and Genomics Thursday 21-Jan-21 10.00-13.00
Protein Science Wednesday 05-May-21 10.00-13.00
Integrative Cell Biology Friday 07-May-21 10.00-13.00
Final Year       
Mechanisms of Gene Expression Monday 11-Jan-21 10.00-13.00
Structural Biology and Drug Design Monday 11-Jan-21 10.00-13.00
Stem Cells, Regeneration and Ageing Monday 11-Jan-21 10.00-13.00
Metabolic and Network Engineering Monday 11-Jan-21 10.00-13.00
Medical Microbiology Monday 11-Jan-21 10.00-13.00
Plant Biotechnology and Development Monday 11-Jan-21 10.00-13.00
Principles of Development Monday 11-Jan-21 10.00-13.00
Evolutionary Applications Monday 11-Jan-21 10.00-13.00
Cancer Wednesday 13-Jan-21 10.00-13.00
Advanced Bacterial and Eukaryotic Cell Biology Wednesday 13-Jan-21 10.00-13.00
Integrative Systems Biology Wednesday 13-Jan-21 10.00-13.00
Advanced Topics in Parasitology and Vector Biology Wednesday 13-Jan-21 10.00-13.00
Symbiosis, Plant Immunity and Disease Wednesday 13-Jan-21 10.00-13.00
Advanced Topics in Infection and Immunity Wednesday 13-Jan-21 10.00-13.00
Medical Glycobiology Friday 05-Mar-21 10.00-13.00
Molecular Basis of Bacterial Infection Friday 05-Mar-21 10.00-13.00
Boinformatics Friday 05-Mar-21 10.00-13.00
Synthetic Biology Friday 05-Mar-21 10.00-13.00
Systems Neuroscience: Exploring the Brain in Health & Disease Friday 05-Mar-21 10.00-13.00
The Microbiome Friday 05-Mar-21 10.00-13.00
Advanced Immunology Friday 05-Mar-21 10.00-13.00
Biodiversity Genomics Friday 05-Mar-21 10.00-13.00

Resit Examinations

Resit Examinations: Tues 31 Aug - Fri 03 Sept 2021 (timetable to be finalised and circulated at end of July 2021)

Enzymes and Metabolism
Molecular Biology