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Artemisinin and partner drug-resistant malaria parasites have emerged in Southeast Asia and more recently, in Africa. Our work uses mathematical models to better understand how antimalarial drug resistance emerges and spreads, how it affects malaria burden, how to measure resistance and how to mitigate its impact.

We have worked on estimating the potential impact of artemisinin and partner drug resistance on disease burden in Africa if it were to emerge using different scenarios about levels of treatment failure. We have developed multi-strain models which track genetic information about parasites within transmission models to understand the spread of drug resistance. We also study how resistance has spread and declined in the past.

Sulphadoxine pyrimethamine (SP) resistance has emerged and spread widely in malaria-endemic areas, meaning it is no longer widely recommended for treating clinical cases. However it is still used to protect pregnant women and children against malaria, although the efficacy is under threat given the presence of highly resistant strains in East Africa. We are using pharmacokinetic-pharmacodynamic modelling and secondary analysis of trial data to characterise the impact of resistance on preventive treatment. We are also using modelling to identify which delivery modes of chemoprevention could best slow resistance spread (timing, number of treatment courses etc).

Recent publications

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