Responsible engineering: Transition to Zero Pollution

The Department of Materials is committed to responsible engineering and working towards sustainable net-zero goals.

This goal influences our research in all areas, whether we are working towards more sustainable forms of energy, transport, healthcare or technologies.

Our mission

Our mission is to provide a world-class environment in which our pioneering and transformative materials research programmes flourish and to translate our research into innovations in:

  • Energy: We investigate fuel cells, solar power, materials for energy harvesting, energy efficiency and nuclear energy.

  • Transport: We investigate high temperature materials for gas turbines and light-weight structural alloys and composites for both aerospace and land vehicle applications.

  • Novel electronic devices: We investigate thin film structures and devices for applications in areas such as photonics, sensors, thermoelectric, optoelectrics, microwave dielectrics.

  • Healthcare: We investigate biomaterials and tissue engineering, focusing on regenerative medicine and nanomaterials for biosensing applications.