CMPH/Biomathematics Seminars


Memory in bacteria: from single cells to ecologies 30 Nov Edo Kussell New York University
Dearth of tree-type lineage maps and emergence of pluripotency in a minimal generative model of biological development 25 Nov Somya Mani Center for Soft and Living Matter (CSLM), Institute for Basic Science, South Korea
Distorted Development: noisy dynamics on Waddington’s epigenetic landscape 23 Nov Michael Stumpf University of Melbourne
Quantitative principles underlying cell-size control in bacteria: from phenomenology to mechanistic origin 16 Nov Suckjoon Jun University of California, San Diego (UCSD)
Genomic and digital pathology approaches to elucidate cancer dormancy 9 Nov Maria Secrier UCL
Forecasting COVID-19 uptake in the UK and monitoring attitudes to vaccines 21 Oct Alexandre De Figueiredo Imperial College London
Modeling stochasticity in timing of intracellular events: A first-passage time approach 6 July Abhyudai Singh

University of Delaware

Cell cycle regulation in microbes 8 June Ariel Amir Harvard University
Using genetics and single cell RNA-sequencing to discover the cell types underlying brain diseases 25 May Nathan Skene Imperial College London
Optimal checkpoint strategies balancing risk and speed  11 May Sahand Rahi École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne
Cell cycle gene regulation dynamics revealed by RNA velocity and deep-learning 27 Apr Andrea Riba  Université de Strasbourg
Phase separation in active systems 23 Mar Cesare Nardini CEA Saclay, Paris
Frequency spectra and the colour of cellular noise  09 Mar Ankit Gupta  ETH Zurich
Effects of cell cycle variability on stochastic gene expression 09 Feb Ruben Perez-Carrasco Imperial College London


Mathematical models of diversity in bacterial pathogens 15 Dec Leonid Chindelevitch Imperial College London
Statistics for Phylogenetic Trees with Tropical Geometry 17 Nov Anthea Monod Imperial College London
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Structure and region-specific function predictions of microbial proteins for microbiome research 27 Feb Vladimir Gligorijevic, Tomasz Kosciolek, Richard Bonneau Flatiron Institute, Simons Foundation & New York University,  Małopolska Centre of Biotechnology, Jagiellonian University, Kraków, Poland
Revisiting T cell antigen discrimination 11 Feb Omer Dushek  University of Oxford
(Re)Thinking growth of cell populations from a single-cell perspective 21 Jan Frank Bruggeman VU University Amsterdam,


Dynamic Network Models: from community detection to link prediction 03 Dec Paulo Barucca  UCL
Modelling Contagion Processes on Complex Networks 22 Oct Nicola Perra University of Greenwich Business School
Using single-cell RNA-sequencing to provide insight into cell fate 04 Jun John Marioni  Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute & CRUK Cambridge Institute
Responses to auxin signals: an operating principle for dynamical sensitivity yet high resilience 14 May Olivier Martin  GQE-Le Moulon, INRA, Université Paris-Sud & CNRS, AgroParisTech, Université Paris-Saclay
Understanding the robustness of morphogenesis using stochastic mechanical models of tissue growth 12 Mar Arezki Boudaoud  École Normale Supérieure de Lyon
Maps, Minds and Maths 26 Feb Petra Vertes  University of Cambridge
Quantitative regulation of the dynamic steady state of actin networks 29 Jan Angelika Manhart Imperial College London
Large Scale Machine Learning Methods for Predicting Protein Functions 10 Jan Vladimir Gligorijevic and Richard A Bonneau   Flatiron Institute, Simons Foundation & New York University


Scalable Inference for Statistical Models of Ranking Data 18 Dec Milan Vojnovic  London School of Economics & Political Science (LSE)
Mathematical modeling of blood vessel development 11 Dec Roland Merks Universiteit Leiden
Core-periphery pairs in networks: algorithms and rationales 20 Nov Naoki Masuda University of Bristol
Rhythms for Life: GnRH pulse generation and frequency decoding – a mathematical perspective 06 Nov Krasimira Tsaneva-Atanasova  University of Exeter
Modeling epigenetically-driven drug resistance in cancer 16 Oct  Jasmine Foo  University of Minnesota
Comparing models with data using computational algebra 03 Jul Heather Harrington University of Oxford
Energy Landscapes: from molecules and nanodevices to machine learning 26 Jun David J. Wales  University of Cambridge
Collective dynamics of cell migration and cell rearrangements 02 Jun Alexandre Kabla University of Cambridge
Social network interventions to improve targeting for neglected tropical diseases 29 May Goylette Chami University of Cambridge
Regulation of metabolism: dynamics and optimality 22 May Bas Teusink VU University Amsterdam  
Community structure in complex networks 15 May Santo Fortunato Indiana University
Predictor Variable Prioritization in Nonlinear Models: A Genetic Association Case Study 08 May Seth Flaxman Imperial College London
The role of metabolomics in precision medicine: uncovering biomarkers and novel targets 01 May Elizabeth O’Day Olaris Therapeutics, Boston
Bayesian modelling of temporal bipartite networks using a latent space approach with applications to interlocking directorates in Irish companies 24 Apr Nial Friel University College Dublin
Critical regimes driven by recurrent mobility patterns of reaction–diffusion processes in networks 27 Mar Alex Arenas Universitat Rovira i Virgili, Tarragona
Perturbation and Control of Human Brain Network Dynamics 20 Mar Danielle Bassett University of Pennsylvania
Deep learning in medical imaging 13 Feb Ben Glocker Imperial College London
Statistics of the number of internal equilibria: Evolutionary Game Theory meets Random Polynomial Theory 06 Feb Hong Duong Imperial College London
Multiscale (sub)optimal control of collective behaviour phenomena 30 Jan Dante Kalise Imperial College London
Fitness response relation of a growing population: large deviation theory and semi-Markov processes 23 Jan Yuki Sughiyama  University of Tokyo


Learning from the uncertain: modelling and forecasting of infectious disease outbreaks 12 Dec Sebastian Funk London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine
Intrinsic noise profoundly alters the dynamics and steady state of morphogen-controlled bistable genetic switches 05 Dec Ruben Perez-Carrasco  UCL
The hierarchical landscape of industries in the UK 28 Nov Elsa Arcaute UCL
Computational methods for comparisons of single-cell RNA-seq data 21 Nov Martin Hemberg Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, Cambridge
Revealing symmetries in complex networks. Self-similarity and scale-invariance 14 Nov Marian Boguna Universitat de Barcelona
Spectral techniques for network learning 10 Nov Michael Schaub MIT
The Brain’s Canonical Computational Motifs: A Multi-Scale Model of Brain Function 07 Nov Federico Turkheimer King's College London
Global resource allocation and growth transitions in bacteria 31 Oct Ulrich Gerland Technical University of Munich
Hybrid frameworks for modelling reaction-diffusion processes 24 Oct Kit Yates University of Bath
Evolution in heterogeneous and random environments 17 Oct Kamran Kaveh Harvard University
Simplicial complexes and emergent network geometry 10 Oct Ginestra Bianconi Queen Mary University
Quantitative approaches to epithelial morphogenesis 20 Jun Ruth Baker University of Oxford
The dynamics of natural selection 13 Jun Michael Bentley  University of Leeds
An entropy network approach for omics data integration 06 Jun Korbinian Strimmer Imperial College London
Toward a theory of stem cell differentiation 30 May Patrick Stumpf  University of Southampton
AFM indentation tests revealed a poroelastic cytoplasm rheology 23 May Emad Moeendarbary UCL
Frequency doubling in the cyanobacterial circadian clock 16 May Bruno Martins  University of Cambridge
The Bacterial Sequential Markov Coalescent 02 May Nicola de Maio University of Oxford
Evolutionary strategies to combat antibiotic resistance 28 Mar Michael Baym Harvard University
Modelling the self-assembly of DNA in nanotechnology and biology 21 Mar Ard Louis  University of Oxford
Strength in numbers: how demographic noise can reverse the direction of selection 14 Mar Tim Rogers  University of Bath
A phylodynamic trip through the tree of life 07 Mar Tanja Stadler  ETH Zurich
Bacterial functional interaction networks in natural environments 28 Feb Thomas Bell Imperial College London
How do brief stochastic events lead to heritable phenotypic variation?  21 Feb Lucas Carey  Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona
Leaking information in polar transport systems: how plants avoid traffic 14 Feb Veronica Grieneisen John Innes Centre 
From gene networks to behaviours 31 Jan Filippo Menolascina  University of Edinburgh
Impact of Growth and Cell Size on Fission Yeast Gene Expression 24 Jan Samuel Marguerat  MRC London Institute for Medical Sciences, MRC-LMS
Dissecting the mechanistic basis of cell size control in fission yeast 17 Jan Martin Howard John Innes Centre 


Information processing and noise in recurrent biological networks 13 Dec Jordi Garcia-Ojalvo  Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona
Stochastic activation of a DNA damage response causes cell-to-cell mutation 06 Dec Stephan Uphoff  University of Oxford
Coherent heterogeneity – making sense out of single cell profiling data 29 Nov Fabian Theis  Technical University Munich
Laboratory Practise & Mathematical Theory of Antibiotic Resistance 22 Nov Robert Beardmore  University of Exeter
RNAs mutually influence their fluctuations in a microRNA-dependent manner 17 Nov Carla Bosia  University of Turin
Systems level understanding of cell size and cell polarity regulation 08 Nov Attila Csikász-Nagy  King's College London  
Molecular circuits for dynamic noise filtering 01 Nov Christoph Zechner ETH Zurich
Disentangling cell fate transition in biological bistable feedback systems 25 Oct Chieh Hsu  University of Kent
Mathematical tales of a sperm tail 19 Oct Hermes Gadelha  University of York
Cox process representation and inference for stochastic reaction-diffusion processes 04 Oct David Schnoerr  The University of Edinburgh
New methods for learning network models underlying Immune-microbiome interactions 22 Aug Richard Bonneau New York University
Absolute robustness in deterministic and stochastic chemical reaction networks 22 Jun German Enciso University of California, Irvine
Stochastic modelling of somatic cell reprogramming 21 Jun Tomas Alarcon Centre de Recerca Matematica and ICREA, Barcelona
Plant Microbe Interactions and Maths 14 Jun Dan Maclean The Sainsbury Laboratory
Getting Things Right in a Noisy Milieu: Stochastic Models of Cell Cycle Dynamics in Yeast & Bacteria 07 Jun John J. Tyson Virginia Tech
Entrainment dominates the interaction of microalgae with micron-sized objects 31 May Marco Polin Warwick University
Stochastic Reaction-Diffusion Methods for Modeling Cellular Processes 24 May Samuel Isaacson Boston University
Algebra and tensors give interpretable groups for crosstalk mechanisms in breast cancer 17 May Anna Seigal University of California, Berkeley
Temporal control of cell division: switches, refractory periods and feedback control 10 May Silvia Santos Crick Institute
Topological Computer Vision 03 May Vitaliy Kurtin Durham University & Microsoft Research
Distributions for stochastically modelled biochemical reaction systems 26 Apr David Anderson University of Wisconsin-Madison
Models for antibiotic action and the evolution of antibiotic resistance 22 Mar Rosalind Allen The University of Edinburgh
Inference of individual ancestry and natural selection using genomic and spatial data 8 Mar Olivier Francois  Universite Grenoble Alpes
Evolution driven by environmental heterogeneity 23 Feb Rutger Hermsen Universiteit Utrecht
Modelling 3D chromatin organisation in mammalian genomes 16 Feb Davide Marenduzzo The University of Edinburgh
Real time control of gene expression in living cells: from yeast to mammals 9 Feb Gianfranco Fiore University of Bristol
Tissue refinement: a noisy path to order 2 Feb Buzz Baum UCL
Stochasticity and homeostasis in cellular metabolism 26 Jan Sander Tans AMOLF, Amsterdam
“Soapbox” for junior colleagues 19 Jan Sim/Liepe/Smadbeck/Micali/De Palo/Ojik Imperial College London
Saturday Morning & Sunday Night: Retrospective and Prospective Satiation 12 jan Peter Dayan UCL