Academic Visitors

Visitor's nameAffiliationVisiting datesResearch interest/puropse on visitHost

Dr Aythami Bethencourt de Leon

University of La Laguna 01/01/22 - 31/12/23 Magarita Sala Postdoctoral Fellow performing research in machine learning for data science

Prof Darryl Holm

Prof Dorje Brody University of Surrey 05/01/11 - 08/05/25 range of topics in applied mathematics, ranging from quantum gravity to financial mathematics

Prof Richard Craster

Prof Sonja Cox University of Amsterdam 04/01/22 - 30/06/22 collaborative research projects on stochastic partial differential equations 

Prof Greg Pavliotis

Dr Zoltan Eisler CFM-Imperial Institute IT support at CFM 22/03/21 - 2/03/24 market microstructure,  optimal trading and  investment strategies

Prof Johannes Muhle-Karbe

Joanna B. Fawcett Imperial College London 1/10/19 - 31/08/22 group theory, combinatorics, discrete geometry and representation theory. Prof Martin Liebeck
Dr David Gerard-Varet CNRS 3/11/21 - 2/07/22  ICL - French collaboration Dr Michele Coti Zelati
Dr Anne-Sophie Kaloghiros Brunel University 23/09/21 - 25/03/22   Prof Alessio Corti
Dr Marina Kravtsova Central Aero-Hydrodynamic Institute (Moscow) 9/05/20 - 04/05/22  applied mathematics and mathematical physics Prof Anatoly Ruban
Kushal Kejriwal IITB 17/06/21 - 15/10/22 Signal processing

Prof Nick Jones

Dr Morteza Fotouhi Sharif University 20/01/22 - 20/12/22 Ananlysis and PDE

Dr Davoud Charaghi

Dr Asher Mullokandov Francis Crick Institute - London 01/07/21 - 30/06/22 ongoing projects with the Crick and Turing Institutes Prof Mauricio Barahona
Dr Erkut Murat Mediterra Capital 11/01/21 - 17/12/21 work on evolution and morphogenesis  Prof Henrik Jensen
Dr Cristina Sargent Macsim Associates 15/01/20 - 05/01/23 mathematical methods and machine learning algorithms for emerging quantum technologies Prof Jeroen Lamb
Dr Sarab Sethi Norwegian Institute for Nature Research 01/04/21 - 31/03/22 Ecosystem Acoustics Prof Nick Jones
Dr Jemma Shipton  University of  Exeter  17/02/20 - 17/08/22 numerical methods for geophysical fluid dynamics,  compatible finite element methods,  parallel in time algorithms.  Prof Colin Cotter
Prof Lenny Taelman University of Amsterdam 1/01/22 - 30/06/22 Nelder Fellow in Pure Mathematics Prof Richard Thomas
Dr Adam Townsend University of Durham 26/02/21 - 31/09/22   Dr Eric Keaveny
Dr Bogdan Ungureanu UMI Abraham de Moivre  26/02/21 - 28/02/22 Research activities and other research events we are organising together with the Department of Mathematics and the UMI Abraham de Moivre  Prof Richard Craster
Dr Paul Verschueren   04/12/20 - 05/06/22 applied mathematics Prof Sebastian van Strien
 Dr David Weston Birkbeck, University of London 15/07/20 - 15/07/22 statistical pattern recognition, spatial point pattern analysis, and computational uses of space-filling curves.  Prof Niall Adams
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