Weekly lectures aimed at informing students on the various career paths they can choose, by having professional experts talk about their businesses, types of positions they offer and qualifications needed. Lectures are followed by 60 minutes networking with representatives from companies.

Events are held every Wednesday from 6-8 pm rooms 341/342



October 2022

November 2022

December 2022                

  • 7 December: UBS 

January 2023

February 2023

March 2023



October 2021

  • 5 October: NatWest Markets presented by Daniel Przeniewski and team 
  • 13 October: Barclays Bank presented by Caroline Clement and team 
  • 20 October: Golman Sachs presented by Camille Humbert and team 
  • 26 October: JP Morgan presented by John Davey and team
  • 27 October: HSBC presented by Thomas Espel and team

November 2021

  • 3 November: Mazars presented by Hannah Maidment and team
  • 10 November: Credit Suisse presented by Daniela Toro Oyarzun and James Roberts
  • 17 November: Deutsche Bank presented by Laurids Nielsen and team
  •  24 November: Janus Henderson presented by Laura Kumm and team

December 2021

January 2022 

February 2022

March 2022


October 2020

  • 14 October: Natwest Markets presented by Daniel Przenwieski
  • 21 October: MAZARS presented by Mariem Bouchaala, Tao Tao, Abdelkarim Benjelloun and Etienne Segalen
  • 28 October: ALPIMA presented by Matt Johnson and Alastair Smith

November 2020

  • 3 November: JP Morgan presented by Hans Buehler and Ben Wood
  • 4 november: Blackrock presented by George Poyiadjis
  • 11 november: AVIVA presented by John Adcock
  • 18 November: Deutsche Bank presented by Laurids Nielsen and team
  • 25 November: MAKO presented by Mike Smith

December 2020

  • 2 December: Barclays presented by Caroline Clement, Denis Tian and Yael Darmon
  • 9 December: Goldman Sachs presented by Camille Hubert

January 2021

February 2021

  • 9 February: BNP Paribas presented by Giulia Boucher and team
  • 10 February: Finreg-E presented by Rohini Gupta and Amit Madahar

March 2021

  • 17 March: StateStreet presented by Dominik Stolarski and Bulent Koksal


October 2019

November 2019

  • 6 November: ALPIMA presented by Matt Johnson and Alistair Smith
  • 13 November: quantPORT presented by Stephen Man on Quant Investing: the Intersection of Finance, Mathematics and Technology.
  • 20 November: Deutsche Bank presented by Laurids Nielsen

December 2019

  • 4 December: BlackRock on Systematic Fixed Income
  • 11 December: QuodFinancial presented by Ben Sabet and Mickael Rouillere

January 2020

  • 29 January: Lloyds Bank - Joachim Connault and Tarik El-Youbi on OIS CMS Convexity in a post LIBOR World

February 2020

Ben Livingstone, Sara Muhvic and Lukas Franke on:

Quantitative Strategies – Credit

  • Securitised products in European Credit
  • Automated Market Making In European Credit


13 February 2019, Mazars

"Quantitative Solutions at Mazars" presented by:

Xavier Larrieu: Head of Quantitative Services
Vivian Vu: Quantitative Finance Junior Analyst
Türker Temel : Quantitative Finance Junior Analyst

23 January 2019quantPORT

Presentation by Sam Radnor on Extracting valuable information from sparse datasets in finance followed by an overview on quantPORT Group presented by:

Peter Park - Managing Director
Samuel Radnor - SVP
Charles Jaskel – SVP
Stephen Man – SVP
Jeff Kang – VP

12 December 2018, JP Morgan eFX

Automated Trading Strategies, JPMorgan presented by:

Arnaud Floesser - Executive Director
Pierre Jonathan - Quant Trader

28 November 2018Credit Suisse

Recommender systems for bond sales: a practical application of machine learning in finance” presented by:

Dominic Wright – Director, Quant Strats Credit
Marko Petrov – Associate, Quant Strats Rates

21 November 2018Lloyds Banking Group

“Breaking into quantitative careers at Lloyds Banking Group” presented by:

Mugad Oumari – Head of Pricing Model Validation
Duncan Potts – Director E-FX Trading
Manlio Trovato – Head of quantitative research
Arindam Pal – Quantitative Analyst
Anne Vu – Head of Markets Accelerator Programme (MAP)
Alice Smyth – Junior Business Manager MAP

7 November 2018NatWest Markets (RBS)

Vladimir Piterbarg and William McGhee introduced the Quant analytics and team and gave an overview of what they do at NatWest. Julia Daffy, Early Career & Comeback Programme Manager gave information on application process for graduate offerings.

31 October 2018BNP Paribas

The Quantitative team headed by Adrien Jamain represented by three Quants and two Automated Market Making joined to discuss their daily jobs, in addition to a representative from the recruitment team who gave an overview on the recruitment types and processes.

17 October 2018Citi Quants

An introduction to Citi's Quantitative Analysis Programme, where representatives from Citi Quants team explain more about what they do on a day-to-day basis, and how their programmes could be the right fit for you.

10 October 2018Goldman Sachs

Quantitative Roles at Goldman Sachs presented by Stefan Curtress (IMD Division) and Camille Humbert (Securities Division).


8 November, Huxley 340, JP Morgan team:

  • Andrea Bordoni, Quantitative Research & Machine Learning
  • Pierre Blacque-Florentin, Quantitative Reseach
  • Antonella Bucciaglia, Quatitative Research
  • Armand Bonnet, Quatitative Research

25 October, Huxley 342, Capital Fund Management:

  • Mike Lorraine

18 October, Huxley 342, Data Spartan team:

  • Eddie Litonjua, Project Manager
  • Victor Citroen, Executive Consultant

11 October, Huxley 342, BNP Parisbas team:

  • Giulia Boucher, Global Markets-Quantitative Research
  • Jean-Michel Ly, Global Head of Structured Rates Quant Research
  • Adrien Jamain, Global markets-Quantitative Research
  • Mingyi Sun, Analyst- Sales LTIR UK
  • Kaimei Zhang, Analyst- Global Markets

3 October, Hulxley 130, British Petroleum team:

  • Niall Branley, Global Head of Valuation Control, IST Commodity Risk
  • Plamen Turkedjiev, Model Validation Quatitative Analyst
  • Caitlin Barry, Quatitative Analyst
  • Adrien Grange, Senior Quatitative Analyst