NATIXIS Prize for best MSc Thesis in Quantitative Finance - awarded annually

      Increasing Venture Capital Investment Success Rates Through Machine Learning

  • NATIXIS Prize 2018: Redwan Bouizi (supervisors: D. Bloch and T. Cass)

    Financial Times Series Forecasting Using Wavelet Transformation and Reservoir Computing Paradigm

  • NATIXIS Prize 2017: Aitor Muguruza Gonzalez (supervisors: C. Martini, B. Horvath, A. Jacquier)

    Rough volatility: characterisation of VIX in rBergomi and extension to numerical schemes

  • NATIXIS Prize 2015: Shuren Tan (supervisors: P. Austing and D. Brigo)

    Reconstructing the joint probability distribution from basket prices

  • NATIXIS Prize 2014: Johannes Heinrich

    Reinforcement Learning for Algorithmic trading

  • NATIXIS Prize 2013: Jens Olov Michael Ronnqvist (supervisor: J.-F. Chassagneux)

    Default Contagion in Financial Networks

Stochastic Analysis Prize

Stochastic Analysis Prize for best performance in stochastic analysis modules - awarded annually