If you achieved our offer, you do not need to contact us. You should ensure that UCAS has your correct correspondence and email addresses as the College will use these to communicate with you to send out registration and other information. General information will also be posted for new students on the main page of the Undergraduate section of the Mathematics website in September.

If you did not achieve our offer, you will receive our decision via UCAS.  We will, of course, make each decision as quickly as possible to enable candidates to whom we cannot offer a place to find one at another university. However, in some cases, a decision may not be made until the end of August. Only after we have the results of all firm candidates and decisions from insurance candidates, to establish student numbers, will we make decisions on those applicants who have not achieved the conditions of their offer. 

Our decision will be sent to UCAS soon after it is made. The Department will adhere to UCAS deadlines and the decision will be passed on in time for you to contact your other choices. Please try not to call us unless you have vital information to impart - or if you would like to be released from your offer so that you can take up a place elsewhere.

Candidates taking IB, FB, EB, Apolytirion, and other international qualifications: please note, although your results are available earlier than August, if you do not achieve our offer, in most cases, you will also need to wait until mid-late August for a decision.

Applicants should be aware that anyone who has not met the requirements of their offer is very unlikely to be offered a place.

The Admissions Tutor's decision is final.