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AHSC Starting Out in Research Course

The Course provides an introductory level understanding of research skills. It aims to enable NMAHPPs (Nurses, Midwives, Allied Health Professionals, Healthcare Scientists, Pharmacy Staff and Psychologists) to develop research skills and understand the steps needed to embark on a research career and develop the confidence to get started. This is a short course and it is not designed to cover everything. It is intended for AHSC clinical staff from any of the NMAHPP professions and provides the best possible introduction to getting started in research.

Typically delivered in 3-days, spread across 3 consecutive months, the course will include sessions on planning and setting up a research study, as well as research methods teaching and insights from more experienced researchers. 

Target Audience

The course has been designed specifically for NMAHPPs (Nurses, Midwives, Allied Health Professionals, Healthcare Scientists, Pharmacy Staff and Psychologists). Anyone interested in research and preparing to develop a research project will find it helpful.  All the sessions are designed to give basic skills and do not assume any prior knowledge of research.  The course is likely to be useful for NMAHPPs who are relatively new to research.  

Key Facts

  • The programme comprises a series of interactive talks and lectures from key research academics from across the AHSC.
  • A key component of the course is the allocation of participants to a research coach with whom they discuss the material covered in the course and its application into their work environment.
  • The programme is free to attend for candidates nominated through an AHSC selection process.
  • 3 days, delivered 1 day per month over a 3 month period.
  • The programme runs approximately every 12-18 months (note: this course was formerly called AHSC Researcher Development Programme).
  • Imperial College AHSC Clinical Academic Training Office:
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