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Training and Support

Support for research fellowship applicants

Imperial College AHSC clinical staff intending to apply for NIHR or other funded research awards are strongly advised to make contact with the CATO team (cato@imperial.ac.uk) for information and advice. 

Applicants should allow plenty of time to prepare their applications (~6 months) and are urged to contact CATO well in advance of the submission deadline.

Clinical Academic and Research Opportunities for Nurses, Allied Health Professionals, Healthcare Scientists, Midwives and Pharmacists

The Imperial College AHSC is keen to attract and cultivate the most promising clinical academic researchers in all clinical healthcare professions. A key priority for the AHSC is to increase the number of Healthcare Professionals (e.g. Nurses, Midwives, Allied Health Professionals, Pharmacists, Radiologists, Clinical Psychologists and Healthcare Scientists) engaging in clinical academic research and give them opportunities to bring their expertise and questioning minds to the research table.

Activities to identify and develop the next generation of healthcare professional research leaders are overseen by the AHSC Education Committee and supported by the Clinical Academic Training Office. These include:

  • Running research events and conferences
  • Providing research skills training
  • Advising on fellowship applications, funding and research careers (local and national opportunities) 
  • Sharing news and information 
  • Offering mentoring for research programmes


Research is Everyone’s Business

A key AHSC priority is to nurture a research culture and boost numbers of Healthcare Professionals engaging in clinical academic research across all AHSC partner members. There is a growing number of healthcare professionals bringing their expertise and questioning minds to the research table and leading high-quality research aligned to patient and health service priorities.


Prof Jeremy Levy

Professor Jeremy Levy

Director of Clinical Academic Training, Imperial College AHSC

“The CATO Team at the Imperial College AHSC offers unique support to all Healthcare Professionals to help them develop a clinical academic career.”

Dr Caroline Alexander

Dr Caroline Alexander

Lead Clinical Academic for Therapies, Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust

“There are many routes and avenues to doing research. We want to break down barriers, offer support and show that research can be an integral part of clinical practice.”

Prof Mary Wells

Prof Mary Wells

Lead Nurse for Research, Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust

“Research is vital to the NHS as it provides robust evidence to underpin practice change and helps us to deliver better patient care.”