Across the AHSC there are many people who are focussed on growing the number of NMAHPPs engaging in clinical academic research. 

If you are an NMAHPP who wants to discuss a research idea, a fellowship opportunity or just what your next steps could be, then please do get in touch with one of your Trust contacts below – they are an incredibly friendly and approachable team, who are there to help support you, and are always happy to chat!

Research contacts by Trusts


NMHAPP Research Leads:

Specialty/ Professions Research Contact Email
Clinical Psychology Agnes Kocsis
Diagnostic Radiography Lesley Honeyfield
Dietetics Lina Johansson and Gary Frost &
Healthcare Science Emma Walker 
Nursing Mary Wells
Midwifery Shawn Walker
Orthoptics Rowena McNamara
Occupational Therapists Donna Kennedy 
Pharmacy Bryony Dean Franklin
Physiotherapists and other AHPs

Caroline Alexander
Research Delivery Staff Helen Jones
Speech and Language Therapists Margaret Coffey
Therapeutic Radiography Camarie Welgemoed 
HPAG (Healthcare Professional Academic Group) Pernilla Lagergren


NMAHPP Research Lead:

Specialty/ Professions Research Contact Email
Healthcare Science Samantha Irving
Nursing and Midwifery Catherine Renwick
Pharmacy Haifa Lyster
Physiotherapists and other AHPs

Gemma Stanford



NMAHPP Research Lead:


NMAHPP Research Lead:


NMAHPP Research Lead: