sulphuric lake

Principal investigators within this theme work on understanding the role of the microbiome in the environment.

The theme focusses on how bacterial communities interact with their environment, the latter including animals, plants, fungi and whole ecosystems, using evolutionary biology and experimental data to characterise how these communities react to major disruptions, for example, pollution or climate change.

Group leaders

Name and link to profile pageDepartmentFacultyEmail
 Dr Andres Arce  Life Sciences  Natural Sciences
 Dr Darius Armstrong-James  Infectious Disease  Medicine
 Dr Cristina Banks-Leite  Life Sciences  Natural Sciences
 Dr Michalis Barkoulas  Life Sciences  Natural Sciences
 Professor Tim Barraclough  Life Sciences  Natural Sciences
 Professor Thomas Bell  Life Sciences  Natural Sciences
 Professor Martin Bidartondo  Life Sciences  Natural Sciences
 Dr Tolga Bozkurt  Life Sciences  Natural Sciences
 Dr Kanta Chechi  School of Public Health  Medicine
 Professor Fan Chung  National Heart and Lung Institute  Medicine
 Dr Thomas Clarke  Infectious Disease  Medicine
 Dr Johanna Feary  National Heart and Lung Institute  Medicine
 Professor Matthew Fisher  School of Public Health  Medicine
 Dr Richard Gill  Life Sciences  Natural Sciences
 Dr Peter Graystock  Life Sciences  Natural Sciences
 Dr Rodrigo Ledesma Amaro  Bioengineering  Engineering
 Dr Po-Heng Lee  Civil & Environmental Engineering  Engineering
 Dr Andrew McArdle  Infectious Disease  Medicine
 Dr Samraat Pawar  Life Sciences  Natural Sciences
 Dr Paolo Piazza  Metabolism, Digestion and Reproduction  Medicine
 Professor Pietro Spanu  Life Sciences  Natural Sciences
 Dr Claire Stanley  Bioengineering  Engineering
 Dr Jonathan Swann  Metabolism, Digestion and Reproduction  Medicine
 Professor Alfried Vogler  Life Sciences  Natural Sciences
 Professor Ramesh Wigneshweraraj  Infectious Disease  Medicine
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