Data Management Policy

All data collected and held within the Centre, and in particular all personal information, comply with and are processed in strict accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The Centre developed an Information Governance and Data Management Policy which represents a common policy that is applied to the diverse range of studies and types of research data collected among its various programmes.

For more details see:  Data Management Policy

Communications Strategy

Our objective is to deliver communications that encourage a strong, diverse, and inclusive community to engage with our research and as a result to be a trusted source of information in a plethora of misinformation. Our audiences include the public, fellow academics, policy makers, funders, and other stakeholders. We aim to crystallise and articulate the MRC Centre’s brand, working through digital and social media platforms, in-person engagement activities and the media to reach our audiences nationally and internationally. We will listen to our audiences to hear what motivates them, what they value and what they don't. Through careful evaluation and insights, and two-way conversation with audience groups, we will ensure their voices are heard, amplified, and have an impact.

For more details see: Communications Strategy