Since January 2020, the Imperial College COVID-19 Response Team has worked with scientists, governments and public health agencies around the world to help plan responses to the pandemic. This report provides an overview of the research of the Imperial College COVID-19 Response Team in the last 15 months and the impact this has had. 

As the world rolls out vaccination while facing the challenge posed by new virus variants, we are continuing our work to better understand the virus, its spread and how best to control it."

Professor Neil Ferguson

This includes an overview of the team's work on characterising the threat with specific focus on outbreak size, severity, intervention policy and genetics. In addition, it describes work assessing it's impact including interventions, health impacts, transmission patterns and indirect impacts. Describing the evolving policy response, it provides an overview of the support provided by real-time modelling, the REACT studies, the European and Global response and Software and tools that were developed. Looking to the future the report describes the ongoing work on vaccine and new variants of concern. Communicating the work across audiences, the report highlights the teams contributions to public resources such as web tools, training, virtual Q&A's, webinars, seminars and media engagements.


Imperial College COVID-19 Response Team 2020-2021 Report