Children queueing for medicaiton

Neglected tropical diseases (NTDs) are a diverse group of bacterial, viral, and parasitic infectious diseases which disproportionately affect people living in poverty around the world. It is estimated that over one billion people in 149 countries are affected by NTDs, which can result in malnourishment, disability, and even death. In addition to the significant health burden of NTDs, economic losses resulting from NTDs infection contribute to the perpetuation of the poverty cycle in affected areas. Many NTDs are preventable or treatable, and further research is required to determine how best to use available control tools for maximum impact.

Research groups in the Centre are currently using statistical and mathematical models to:

  • Better understand NTD transmission dynamics
  • Predict the effects of NTDs in various settings
  • Identify optimal control and treatment strategies for NTDs

Research of these research activities will go on to inform NTD policy on the local, national and international scale.