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A new MRC-funded doctoral training programme (DTP) in Multidisciplinary Science in Health at Imperial College

Our students talk about why they chose Imperial, and their experience as an MRC studentship holder

MultiSci DTP

The Imperial College London MRC DTP for Interdisciplinary Science in Health (MultiSci) has been established to enable graduates to undertake a 4.5 year training programme, including a research project plus training in research methods and transferable key skills, leading to the submission of a doctoral thesis and the award of a PhD.

Admissons for 2024-25 entry to the programme are now closed.

Why we’d like you to apply

The vision of MultiSci is to stimulate the creation of a new generation of life-scientists equipped with the quantitative, technological, and bioscience skills required to conduct cutting edge research across the fundamental and applied medical biosciences. To achieve this we want to recruit from as broad a spectrum of institutions and experience as possible. We welcome applications from any potential students who fulfil the eligibility criteria.

About MultiSci

All students who start MultiSci at the same time are trained together as part of the same cohort allowing you to build a peer network for learning and support.

Students with an undergraduate degree only must register for the MRes Biomedical Research for Year 1 of the MultiSci programme.

Students with/completing a master’s degree will be offered two choices for Year 1 of the MultiSci programme:

  • register for the MRes Biomedical Research - The MultiSci Programme recommends that all successful students complete the MRes Biomedical Research. Or,
  • follow the MRes Biomedical Research curriculum – Includes completion of two lab rotations, grant writing exercise and all assessments. Students will not receive academic credit for this option.

All students must complete MultiSci training in Year 1 and in subsequent years as PhD students.

Further details about MultiSci’s structure, as well as the training you would undertake as a student, can be found here.

MultiSci PhD projects

After your first year of training, all MultiSci students will undertake a 3.5-year PhD project.  Your PhD project will be designed by you, in collaboration with a supervisory team. Projects must align with one or more of the MultiSci’s research themes, and we encourage those that are multi-disciplinary. You will receive support and guidance in deciding on your PhD project during the first year of MultiSci, through project rotations and 1:1 meetings.


Support and mentorship

  • 1:1 mentoring
  • Wellbeing Action Plans
  • Networking activities with other MRC-DTP students
  • MRC-DTP student committee representation
  • Imperial post-graduate events

Training and Development

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