What is the MUSE simulator?

By the end of the century we need to dramatically change the way we produce and consume energy. But how do we do this?

The policy simulator section of the website provides a user-friendly way to create your own low-carbon global energy pathways.

You can build scenarios, weigh up different trade-offs and it also allows to visualise and make comparisons using graphs. It covers all sectors of the economy (industry, building, power etc.), all greenhouse gas emissions (CO2, NO) and hundreds of different technologies.

What kind of questions will the simulator be able to answer?

MUSE can answer a number of policy questions and there are potentially hundreds of thousands of different scenarios that can be tested.

Here are a few questions that the simulator can help to test:

  • What technologies should we invest in that both are economical and keep our carbon targets?
  • Will electric vehicle technology become dominant in future years for passenger transport?
  • What is the profile of emissions reductions in each region of the world?
  • You can use the MUSE policy simulator to visualise the effect of combined policies or changes.

If you would like to use the model itself, the code is also available to download on GitHub.

MUSE energy simulator