8-channel wireless EMGThe Delsys Trigno system from AD Instruments provides wireless recordings of muscle activity using surface electromyography (SEMG) electrodes. A diseased neurone will struggle to hold its membrane potential and so will spontaneously discharge, known as a fasciculation potential. These fasciculation potentials result in muscle twitches that can be visible in motor units close to the skin surface. The wireless EMG system allows these fasciculations to be recorded and is completely non-penetrative; traditionally these potentials are recorded using needle EMG which can be very uncomfortable for the patient and is an unpleasant experience. The added wireless feature allows the patient to feel even more comfortable and relaxed. The Delsys Trigno system can communicate over 16 channels at a time; the current setup uses just 8 channels. Data recorded by the EMG system is then fed into an 8 channel PowerLab for signal analysis. The LabChart software is a powerful tool that can perform many different signal analyses to the incoming signal in real time.

This equipment is available for use by any member of the Centre for Neurotechnology; for enquiries please get in touch with the contact listed below.

Location: South Kensington
Contact: Manos Drakakis