The Centre for Neurotechnology has played a key role in establishing a presence in neurotechnology at Imperial and beyond.  We have links with and share members and collaborative research with many other organisations and networks within and outside the college, some of which have developed through connections originally made within the Centre.  Some of the groups with which the Centre interacts are shown below. 

Centre links

The EPSRC & MRC NEUROMOD+ Network is a new UK network representing UK research, industry, clinical and patient communities, working together to address the challenge of minimally invasive treatments for brain disorders. Neuromod+ aims to build capacity and bring together multidisciplinary stakeholder groups to support the co-creation of novel neuromodulation therapies.


torso with prosthetic arm

The Imperial Network of Excellence in Neuromuscular Rehabilitation Technology (NRTN) brings together biomedical scientists/clinicians and physical scientists/engineers to forge new multidisciplinary and collaborative initiatives, delivering medical technology innovation that impacts fields of unmet healthcare need. The Centre for Neurotechnology and the Network are closely aligned; many Centre members work in the area of reurorehabilitation and are also involved with the NRTN, and the Centre and CDT has funded several projects in the area of neurorehabilitation.

The UK DRI at Imperial brings together researchers from diverse backgrounds, drawing on Imperial's unique strengths, resources and focus on science, engineering, medicine and business. Their multidisciplinary approach brings new expertise to focus on the challenges of dementia research.