Working collaboratively with industry is a key activity for the Centre for Neurotechnology.  We have developed ongoing links with industry partners through activities including:

  • joint funding and supervision of research projects within the Centre for Doctoral Training in Neurotechnology (the CDT)
  • industry representation and input at the Centre's External Advisory Board
  • involvement of industry partners in Centre events such as symposia, sandboxes
  • consultation with industry colleagues to provide input into Centre/CDT researcher training  
  • student industry placements

Our student training encourages innovation and entrepreneurial activity through dedicated workshops and competitions, and a key part of the CDT training programme has been the opportunity for students to undertake an industrial internship. The internship programme has developed new and strengthened existing links between the Centre and partner companies, whilst providing valuable experience and access to expertise and facilities for the students, and expert researcher time and experience for the partner.

A number of innovative companies have been "spun out" from Neurotech-related research caried out by our Centre members and affiliates and many of our students have been involved in start-up companies in the Neurotech field.