Athletec spun out of the Imperial College Biomechatronics Laboratory in 2015 to spearhead wearable technologies in combat sports.  Drawing from neurotechnology research in motion tracking for stroke and Parkinson’s disease, Athletec was formed to enhance the effectiveness and direct the focus of training in Combat sport in a manner akin to neural rehabilitation. Imperial biomechatronics student Charles Burr created "Corner", a revolutionary product for monitoring boxing performance. 

Corner was named Gadget of the Month in Wearable Technologies (March 2016). The company was also a Finalist for the UK Big Chip Digital Industry Award (June 2016) and was featured on the TV show Dragon's Den in 2018.

Dr. Nickolai Vysokov started his PhD at Department of Bioengineering in 2010 working on using optogenetics for restoring signalling in the visual systems. In 2018 he co-founded BrainPatch.AI, a company aiming to develop a platform technology for effective non-invasive brain stimulation applications through targeting peripheral nervous systems and through real-time personalised feedback algorithms. The company has been through a competitive acceleration programme at Central Research Laboratory, where they applied their patented technologies and developed a consumer neurostimulation device for an experience they call e-meditation as the studies conducted with academic partners show effects on brain waves, heart rate derivatives as well as subjective reports consistent with the effects of meditation.

Koniku Inc. is a synthetic neurotechnology company based in San Rafael - San Francisco. Koniku uses live cultured neurons as sensors, amplifiers and biological signal processors, combining them with silicon to build “olfactory cyborgs”. It was founded by CEO and CTO, Osh Agabi, while he was a PhD student at Imperial College London.