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AB - The portability of physiological monitoring has necessitated the biocompatibility of components used in circuitry local to biological environments. A key component in processing circuitry is the linear amplifier. Amplifier circuit topologies utilize transistors, and recent advances in bioelectronics have focused on organic electrochemical transistors (OECTs). OECTs have shown the capability to transduce physiological signals at high signal-to-noise ratios. In this study high-performance interdigitated electrode OECTs are implemented in a common source linear amplifier topology. Under the constraints of OECT operation, stable circuit component parameters are found, and OECT geometries are varied to determine the best amplifier performance. An equation is formulated which approximates transistor behavior in the linear, nonlinear, and saturation regimes. This equation is used to simulate the amplifier response of the circuits with the best performing OECT geometries. The amplifier figures of merit, including distortion characterizations, are then calculated using physical and simulation measurements. Based on the figures of merit, prerecorded electrophysiological signals from spreading depolarizations, electrocorticography, and electromyography fasciculations are inputted into an OECT linear amplifier. Using frequency filtering, the primary features of events in the bioelectric signals are resolved and amplified, demonstrating the capability of OECT amplifiers in bioelectronics.
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