Supervisors for CDT projects were drawn from the faculties of Engineering, Medicine and Natural Sciences at Imperial College, plus satellite groups of the Centre.  Projects involved collaborations with a number of other academic institutions and industrial partners.  A list of historic supervisors and collaborators is below.

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CDT Neurotechnology supervisors
Kambiz Alavian Department of Brain Sciences
Mauricio Barahona Department of Mathematics
Paul Bentley Department of Brain Sciences
Anil Bharath Department of Bioengineering
Martyn Boutelle Department of Bioengineering
Stephen Brickley Department of Life Sciences
Peter Brown MRC Brain Network Dynamics Unit, Oxford University (satellite group)
Etienne Burdet Department of Bioengineering
Alasdair Campbell Department of Physics
James Choi Department of Bioengineering
Claudia Clopath Department of Bioengineering
Tim Constandinou Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering
Vincenzo De Paola Institute of Clinical Science
Alfonso De Simone Department of Life Sciences
Simone Di Giovanni Department of Brain Sciences
Manos Drakakis Department of Bioengineering
David Dupret MRC Brain Network Dynamics Unit, Oxford University (satellite group)
David Edwards Department of Brain Sciences (based at KCL)
Aldo Faisal Department of Bioengineering/Computing
Dario Farina Department of Bioengineering
Amanda Foust Department of Bioengineering
Nick Franks Department of Life Sciences
Pantelis Georgiou Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering
Mazdak Ghajari Department of Design Engineering
Ben Glocker Department of Computing
Dan Goodman Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering
Rylie Green Department of Bioengineering
Nir Grossman Department of Brain Sciences
Adam Hampshire Department of Brain Sciences
Nick Jones Department of Mathematics
Thomas Knopfel Department of Brain Sciences
Mirko Kovac Department of Aeronautics
Andrei Kozlov Department of Bioengineering
Holger Krapp Department of Bioengineering
Nick Long Department of Chemistry
Danilo Mandic Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering
Paul Matthews Department of Brain Sciences
Alison McGregor Department of Surgery and Cancer
Mark Neil Department of Physics
Alexandra Porter Department of Materials
Tobias Reichenbach Department of Bioengineering
Richard Reynolds Department of Brain Sciences
Chris Rowlands Department of Bioengineering
Daniel Rueckert Department of Computing
Mary Ryan Department of Materials
Magdalena Sastre Department of Brain Sciences
Simon Schultz Department of Bioengineering
Gregory Scott Department of Brain Sciences
David Sharp Department of Brain Sciences
Molly Stevens Department of Materials
Paul Strutton Departement of Surgery and Cancer
Huiling Tan MRC Brain Network Dynamics Unit, Oxford University (satellite group)
Reiko Tanaka Department of Bioengineering
Mengxing Tang Department of Bioengineering
Ravi Vaidyanathan Department of Mechanical Engineering
Ramon Vilar Department of Chemistry
Mike Warner Department of Earth Science and Engineering
Matt Williams Department of Surgery and Cancer
Mark Wilson Department of Surgery and Cancer
Bill Wisden Department of Life Sciences
Richard Wise Department of Brain Sciences
Liming Ying National Heart and Lung Institute
CDT Neurotechnology supervisors
CDT neurotechnology supervisors
External collaborators/industrial advisors
Ásgeir Alexandersson Ossur
Tomoko Arichi Kings College London
Paul Chadderton University of Bristol
Tim Denison Medtronic Inc
Hildur Einarsdóttir Ossur
Bernhard Graimann OttoBock
Caroline Hargrove McLaren Applied Technologies
Rob Hart McLaren Applied Technologies
David Holder UCL
Patrick Kaifosh CTRL-Labs
Rob Leech KCL
Philip Martin Transport Research Laboratory
Victor Pikov Galvani Bioelectronics
Chris Shaw Kings College London
Keith Wafford Eli Lilly & Co
CDT Neurotechnology external collaborators
CDT neurotechnology supervisors