The College’s harassment, bullying and victimisation policy frames these issues unequivocally as serious matters which are not acceptable in College and must be dealt with firmly. These behaviours can happen between students and between a student and a staff member.

There can be a gradation, starting with unpleasant and rude behaviour, going through to very serious and even criminal behaviour and anyone investigating a case will need to determine where on the spectrum the problem stands.  The policy indicates that if a student feels harassed, bullied or victimised, they should seek advice immediately, either from the Imperial College Union Advice Centre or from someone such as a Personal Tutor. 

If you are involved in one of these cases as a Personal Tutor, the first thing to do is listen and be supportive. The student is likely to be hurt, vulnerable and anxious. 

Report and Support tool

Imperial College uses the Report and Support tool which allows staff, students and visitors to report if they have witnessed an incident, or experienced bullying or harassment directly. You can disclose something anonymously or you can provide your details to be put in contact with someone.


Investigations may be carried out by a Head of Department, Hall Warden or College Tutor, depending on the circumstances. Even if a case is investigated, mediation is the preferred way of dealing with the outcome, but disciplinary measures will be used if necessary.