Our Programme Specifications are important documents for all undergraduate students. They are updated every year for each new cohort of students. As a rule, students should view the version that matches their year of entry and their degree programme.

The documents will include:

  • an overview of the programme
  • learning outcomes
  • a year-by-year breakdown of each degree’s structure
  • teaching and learning methods
  • list of available modules, including electives (the modules on offer can occasionally change over time)
  • assessment types
  • progression and classification rules
  • details of accreditation

This page was last updated 18.09.23

Programme Specifications tabs

2018 and 2019 entry

Programme Specifications


F300 - BSc Physics
F303 - MSci Physics
F309 - MSci Physics with a Year Abroad
F325 - BSc Physics with Theoretical Physics
F390 - MSci Physics with Theoretical Physics
F3W3 - BSc Physics and Music Performance

Programme specifications for 2018-19 entry can be found on the Quality Assurance section of Imperial's website. Please scroll down to Faculty of the Natural Sciences.

These documents were written before a number of changes were implemented.

  • Horizons are 7.5 ECTS and not 6 ECTS as shown in the 2018-19 programme specs.
  • Old style module codes are shown. You can find the new, correct codes on our master module page.
  • Physics FHEQ 5 modules (Environmental Physics, Maths Methods and Sun, Stars and Planets) and Communicating Phyiscs are worth 5 ECTS from 2020-21.
  • Communicating Physics is a FHEQ 5 module from 2020-21.