Artificial Intelligence (AI) has the potential to have a dramatic impact on the ways that students and staff engage with learning and teaching. In these projects we are motivated by improving the student experience in undergraduate teaching laboratories by using AI tools to help us evaluate our teaching of lab modules through analysing student lab reports.

Imperial-Cornell seed funded Undergraduate Research Opportunities Programme

Two second-year undergraduate students from Imperial Department of Physics and a graduate student from Cornell are working on a project with Michael Fox and Natasha Holmes to use AI to identify experimental skills that can be demonstrated in lab reports and lab notebooks.

BSc and MSci projects

One BSc student and two MSci students have been working on projects looking at how AI can be used to analyse lab reports. The two MSci students have shown that transformer models, such as Google's BERT, are able to identify student argumentation levels and epistemologies in their lab reports.

MSci project opportunities to continue this research are available for academic year 2023-2024. Please contact Michael Fox for more information.