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AB - In order to accommodate larger amounts of renewable energy resources, whose power output is inherently unpredictable, there is an increasing need for frequency control power reserves. Loads are already used to provide replacement reserves, i.e. the slowest kind of reserves, in several power systems. This paper proposes a control scheme for frequency restoration reserves with participation of industrial loads. Frequency restoration reserves are required to change their active power within a time frame of tens of seconds to tens of minutes in response to a regulation signal. Industrial loads in many cases already have the capacity and capability to participate in this service. A mapping of their process constraints to power and energy demand is proposed in order to integrate industrial loads in existing control schemes. The proposed control scheme has been implemented in a 74-bus test system. Dynamic simulations show that industrial loads can be successfully integrated into the power system as frequency restoration reserves.
AU - Fabozzi,D
AU - Thornhill,NF
AU - Pal,BC
PY - 2013///
TI - Frequency Restoration Reserve Control Scheme with Participation of Industrial Loads
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