ROAR is a central facility with all the hardware, software and expertise needed to support data-rich experimentation in synthetic chemistry.

Our capabilities

Our capabilities

High-throughput robotic reactor platforms

  • Robotic reaction platforms to enable high-throughput parallel experimentation
  • Possibility of reactions in plates, vials and bottles up to 125 mL
  • Automated dispensing of solids and liquids
  • Automated sampling during reactions
  • High temperature and pressure capabilities
  • Heated filtration for solubility and recrystallisation studies

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Online, in situ, data-rich kinetic experimentation platforms

A suite of equipment for reaction progress and kinetic analysis across scales from 2 mL to 1 L.

  • Calorimetry
  • In situ infra-red spectroscopy
  • UV-vis spectroscopy
  • Automated sampling
  • Collects temperature, pH and other PAT data

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Continuous flow reactors

A suite of flow reactors for investigative research and scale up.

  • Homogeneous, multiphase and capsule-based systems
  • High temperature and pressure
  • In-line IR and UV-Vis spectroscopy

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Sample preparation

Plate-based sample preparation equipment is available to support high-throughput reaction analysis.

  • Plate-based centrifuge
  • 96-well plate evaporator

Advanced analytical suite

A suite of analytical instrumentation dedicated for rapid orthogonal analysis of reactions.

  • uPLC-MS with rapid sampling capability
  • SFC and uPLC hybrid system for rapid chiral analysis
  • Further analytical capabilities available within the Department of Chemistry Measurement Suite

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