Events from Partners

Mettler Toledo Webinar Series
The Mettler Toledo Reaction Analysis TACs are running short (20-minute) seminars, focusing on useful tips for data analysis with ReactIR. There are a variety of application areas that they are focusing on, and they are intended to be quick light learning – 'tune in on a coffee break' type approach! The full list of webinars is here:

ThalesNano Webinar Series
ThalesNano is now running live demos and webinars of their products, not only explaining in great detail their capabilities, but also with relevant chemical examples of their use. Here you can find the link to register to the upcoming webinars or view the previous ones, while here you can access the webinar on H-Cube Pro Part I: High performance hydrogenations done safely.

Other events

During this time of lockdown, Nessa Carson (a.k.a. SuperScienceGrl) is collecting a list of (mostly-free) online chemistry events. You can find the list of the events, with registration links, here.