Research support

We have a range of activities at the College designed to support staff and students with their careers, projects, and pathways to impact.

Research Project Support chart

Imperial offers expert support for the research process, from supporting idea generation at the beginning of the research journey by holding hackathons and community building activities, to helping to disseminate research impact at the end of the research journey, through commercialisation support and policy forums. Along the way, we provide support to staff to help them meet compliance requirements for funders, and other legal regulations.

The image to the left shows the following: Research Project Support includes a lifecycle of Ideas, Funding, Research and Sharing which includes Building Networks, Hackathons, User Engagement, Project Costing, Proposal Peer Review, Funder Relationship Management, Ethical Review, Data Management, Financial Reporting, Policy Forums, Open Access Publishing and Commercialisation.


Noura ZamzamNoura Zamzam is a PhD student in the Department of Life Sciences, and is supported by a Leverhulme Trust grant awarded to Professor Jasper van Thor. Noura works on ultrafast measurements of photosynthesis.


Postdoc and Fellows Development Centre

The Postdoc and Fellows Development Centre (PDFC) offers an extensive programme of professional skills and career development training, support and opportunities, to enable postdocs and fellows to succeed in their current position while planning their next step.

The PFDC aims to support postdocs with a variety of initiatives, including one-to-one advisory sessions, popup briefings following a new announcement or funding stream, leadership courses, residential away days, and much more.

Centre for Academic English

The Centre for Academic English (CfAE) provides a wide range of STEMM communication courses, workshops, retreats and consultations to support the research output of the College. We work with doctoral students, researchers and academic staff in areas such as writing for publication, preparing for conference presentations and writing for the REF. The Centre also offers tailored support to departments, for example training on writing impact case studies and consultancy on writing effective research funding proposals.