The Research Excellence Framework (REF) is the system for assessing research in UK HEIs. Every institution must have a Code of Practice which ensures that staff and those making decisions are aware of the context in which REF decisions are made. The Code of Practice frames the College's decision-making processes in relation to REF 2021 in the context of the principles of equality and diversity, and all relevant legislation. 

Intention of the Code of Practice

  • Provide transparency on all aspects and stages of the processes involved in determining research independence of staff and selecting outputs for submission into REF2021;
  • Provide accountability by defining the bodies and individuals that are accountable for, or involved in, the determination of research independence of staff, and the selection of research outputs for the REF;
  • Be inclusive, by ensuring that research by all eligible staff are considered for submission;
  • Ensure that all decisions are, consistent, justifiable and are not discriminatory;
  • Ensures that these REF decisions comply with current equalities legislation;
  • Takes place at various levels and stages – a multi-layered approach;
  • Reflects the College’s mission for high-quality research and research excellence.