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Group Members

Academic Staff

PhotoNameScientific interests
 Dr Helen Brindley  Prof Helen Brindley
Professor in Earth Observation 
 Atmospheric physics
 CARR Dr Chris Carr
Senior Research Lecturer
 Space instrumentation
CEPPI Dr Paulo Ceppi
Research Fellow
Grantham Institute
 Dr Arnaud Czaja Dr Arnaud Czaja
 Atmosphere-ocean interactions
 Professor Michele Dougherty Professor Michele Dougherty
Professor, FRS Head of Physics Dept
 Planetary science
 Dr Jonathan Eastwood Dr Jonathan Eastwood
Reader in Space Physics
 Space weather; space plasma physics
 Dr Bob Forsyth Dr Bob Forsyth
 Heliospheric physics
 Dr Marina Galand Professor Marina Galand
Professor in Planetary Science 
 Planetary upper atmospheres; cometary science
 Dr Heather Graven Dr Heather Graven
Reader in Climate Physics
 Carbon cycle
 HORBURY Professor Tim Horbury
Head of Group
 Solar wind; magnetosphere; turbulence
 Dr Adam Masters Dr Adam Masters
Senior Lecturer and Royal Society URF
 Planetary science: magnetospheres, interiors, moons
Lorenzo Dr Lorenzo Matteini
Space plasma physics
 Dr Ingo Mueller-Wodarg Dr Ingo Mueller-Wodarg
Planetary upper atmospheres
 Professor Juliet Pickering Professor Juliet Pickering
Atmospheric physics and laboratory spectroscopy
 Professor Ralf Toumi Professor Ralf Toumi
Atmospheric physics
 Dr Apostolos Voulgarakis  Dr Apostolos Voulgarakis
 Reader in Atmospheric Physics
 Atmospheric physics
Academic Staff

Research Staff




PhotoNameScientific interests
Archer Dr Martin Archer (Rep)
UKRI Stephen Hawking Fellow
Space plasma physics; magnetospheres; dynamics & waves; simulations

Dr Richard Bantges
Scientific Project Manager

 BELMONTE Dr Teruca Belmonte 
Research Associate

Patrick Brown
Senior Instrumentation Manager


Dr Ravindra Desai
Research Associate

Space weather; magnetospheric physics; radiation belts; solar physics; planetary science; plasma physics

Dr Joe Eggington 
Research Associate

 Space weather; magnetospheres; simulations

Dr Edward Gryspeerdt
Royal Society URF

Cloud physics; atmospheric aerosol; remote sensing

Dr Richard Hall
Research Associate

Large scale air-sea interactions



Dr Michael Heyns
Research Associate

Space physics

Dr Heli Hietala
Royal Society URF


Dr Fang LIU
Research Associate in Atmospheric Physics


Dr Jonathan Murray
Research Fellow


Dr Peer Nowack
Research Fellow


Helen O'Brien
Senior Instrument Manager

Design/build of space science magnetic field instruments

Dr James Rufus
Research Associate (GERB Operations Scientist)

Earth observation

Dr Jacqueline Russell
Research Associate (GERB Project Scientist)



Dr Erik Schaffernicht
Research Associate 

Climate Physics

Dr Nathan Sparks
Innovations Researcher


Dr Julia Stawarz
Royal Society URF

Space plasma physics; turbulence; magnetic reconnection


Dr Domenico Trotta
Research Associate



Dr Lloyd Woodham
Research Associate

Heliophysics; solar atmosphere; solar wind; turbulence; kinetic plasma physics

Dr Giulia Zazzeri
Research Associate

Carbon cycle; radiocarbon; urban methane emissions
Research Staff

PhD Students

PhotoNameProject title
BLACKFORD Katie Blackford The role of peat fires shaping future atmospheric composition the carbon cycle and climate
Liam Liam Blyth Air pollution: Sources and sinks of carbon monoxide in the atmosphere
Brunmayr Alexander Brunmayr Regional Carbon Cycle Modelling
BREUL Philipp Breul What determines the ability of the jet stream to shift in response to external forcing?
CHOI Tsz H Choi (Kelvin) Building a long-term record of the global solar energy resource from satellite observations
CONCEPCION Florence Concepcion Mairey Laboratory Astrophysics: high resolution spectroscopy of astrophysically important atoms for astrophysics applications
DING Milan Ding Laboratory Astrophysics: New Atomic Data for Astrophysics Applications



Michaela Flegrova Quantifying the radiative impacts of African landscape fires
HAYASHI Fumi Hayashi Monitoring from Space the surface heat budget of the global ocean
horner George Horner (PhD rep) The impact of aerosol on convective clouds
Earn Nawapat (Earn) Kaweeyanun How does Ganymede's complex magnetic environment work?
Harley Harley Kelly Surface waves above the magnetic poles
Alex Alexander Kuhn-Regnier Predicting the ecological impacts of future fire activity on a global scale
LAKER Ronan Laker Investigating the Solar Wind in the Inner Heliosphere
LAMOURY Adrian LaMoury Structure formation at shock waves and its space weather impacts


Harry Lewis Probing the nonlinear dynamics of turbulence in space plasmas


Zoe Lewis Plasma environment around comet 67P
MANSFIELD Laura Mansfield Model reduction using emulation for understanding and predicting climate responses to different regional emission forcings
Jamie Jamie Matthews The Gulf Stream as a modulator of blocking and European temperatre extremes
Rebecca Rebecca Murray-Watson Investigating the impact of aerosols on mixed-phase clouds

Joseph Ovwemuvwmose Carbon cycling in next-generation terrestrial ecosystem models



Sanjeevani Panditharatne Understanding how Earth is losing its cool: A study in support of the FORUM satellite mission
Jacob Jacob Parrott Global exploration of the upper atmosphere of Mars using radio occultation measurements
Sadie Sadie Robertson The physics of energy transfer in magnetic reconnection
Beltran Beltran Sajonia-Coburgo Gotha Truth and Forum
Pietro Pietro Salvi Improving our understanding of radiative forcing in climate modelling
Eric Eric Schoenrock Estimating and attributing regional methane emissions using innovative atmospheric measurements
SHATWELL Peter Shatwell  
SHAYLOR Marie Shaylor Diagnosing dust-climate interactions in observations to test Earth System Models
Peter Peter Stephenson Energy deposition in the coma of comet 67P probed by Rosetta
Carl Carl Thomas Using machine learning to constrain the atmospheric dynamics contribution to regional climate change
Enoch Tsui Yan Lok (Enoch) Tsui Climate physics
Laura Laura Warwick Investigating the impact of IR surface emissivity knowledge & uncertainties on climate & weather-forecasting timescales
WELLS Chris Wells Human health co-benefits from climate change mitigation
WOOLLEY Thomas Woolley Physics of the Inner Heliosphere
Sophia Sophia Zomerdijk-Russell (PhD rep) Getting to grips with Mercury's dynamic space environment as the Bepicolombo mission flies to the innermost planet
PhD Students

Support Staff

PhotoNameJob role and responsibilities
ALLEN Tony Allen Senior Scientific and Managerial Officer
Aria Aria Vitkova Instrument Engineer - Space
 Irene Irene Ruiz Instrument Engineer - Space
ANGELINI Virginia Angelini Solar Orbiter MAG Calibration Engineer
 BAUGHEN Richard Baughen Instrument Engineer
Clear Christian Clear Group Safety Officer
 CUPIDO Emanuele Cupido Instrument Manager
HODGKINS John Hodgkins Electronic Engineer
 LAST Alan Last Technician
 MULHOLLAND Ciara Mulholland  Senior Section Administrator
ODDY Tim Oddy Spacecraft Operations Engineer
 OWEN David Owen Administrative Assistant

Azra Sabadosh Senior Section Administrator
STRICKLAND Alex Strickland Instrument Software Engineer
Placeholder Alastair Crabtree MAG Software Engineer
Placeholder Edward Fauchon-Jones MAG Software Engineer
Placeholder Christopher Greenaway Solar Orbiter MAG Systems Engineer
Placeholder Alan Roberts MAG Electrical and Electronics Engineer
Placeholder Madeleine Tomes MAG Instrument Engineer
Support Staff

Senior and Honorary



Scientific Interests

Prof. Andre Balogh
Distinguished Research Fellow

Imperial College

Heliospheric and Magnetospheric Physics

Dr. Ken Bignell
Honorary Lecturer

Imperial College


Prof. Peter Cargill
Distinguished Research Fellow

Imperial College / University of St Andrews

Physics of Sun, Solar Wind and Magnetosphere

Professor Joanna Haigh FRS
Distinguished Research Fellow


Atmospheric radiation, climate modeling

Prof. John Harries
Distinguished Research Fellow

Imperial College

Atmospheric Physics

Dr. Matt Owens
Honorary Lecturer

University of Reading

Space Physics

Prof. Steve Schwartz
Distinguished Research Fellow

University of Colorado Boulder

Space Physics

Prof. David Southwood
Senior Research Investigator

Imperial College

Space plasma physics; Giant planet magnetospheres; Space Weather; Space Law

Dr. Wenyi Zhong
Honorary Research Fellow

Imperial College

Atmospheric Physics


Visiting Professors & Researchers

The following scientists have close associations with the Group as visiting professors or researchers, supporting and broadening the Group's research base:

Visiting professors

  • Martin Goldman
  • Richard Harrison
  • Stuart Bale

Visiting researchers

  • Arnaud Beth
  • Douglas Blackie
  • Simon Good
  • Paul Green
  • Lars Mejnertsen
  • Licia Ray
  • Sunil Varma

Academic visitor

  • Ali Haidar Sulaiman
  • Andreas Pollinger
  • Chon Fai (Charlie) Lok
  • Christoph Beischl
  • Christophe Bellisario
  • Christopher HK Chen
  • Ekin Ozturk
  • Guangtao Dong
  • Hao Cao
  • Joshua Michael Chadney
  • Maciej Szymon Bendyk
  • Steve Kellock
  • Vincent John Hare