Who is it for

These sessions are designed for managers.

What is micro-development

Micro-development is a confidential and voluntary process.
It is a 1:1 20 minutes, easily bookable session that helps managers think through their options concerning a range of situations they and/or their teams may be facing. For example, this may include concerns about hybrid working and returning to campus. This could involve exploring the manager’s questions and concerns on how to respond to staff queries and/or how to support individuals or their team.

How does the session work

A member of HR will explore the issue with the manager and support them in generating their solutions and taking responsibility for actions rather than giving advice.
They will use a combination of questioning, listening, and feedback to help managers develop insights, greater awareness, and appreciation of their own circumstances, support generating new ways to resolve issues or consider skills and strategies to manage the circumstances more effectively.

If you wish to get specific advice or have specific questions you need answers to, you might consider checking the resources below or contacting HR representatives for your area.