Annual Review Conversation (ARC)

The Annual Review Conversation (ARC) is an opportunity for staff to have a discussion with their line manager, focusing on everything they need to thrive at work. Building on regular one-to-ones, the conversation is designed to be meaningful and constructive, recognising ongoing contributions and planning for the future based on individual and departmental needs and aspirations.

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Everything you need to carry out your Annual Review Conversation

Everything you need to carry out your Annual Review Conversation

Annual Review Conversations is a process designed to empower and support you in your role. It replaces the PRDP process with effective and meaningful conversations between you and your line manager, focusing on your individual needs and creating a positive working environment.

It provides an opportunity to celebrate and reflect on your contributions, learn from past experiences, set objectives and plan for the year ahead. By engaging in open and transparent conversations, ARC enables you to drive the process and shape your future success.

Through ARC, you have the space to:

  1. Reflect on your individual contributions and impact.
  2. Learn from previous experiences and embrace continuous growth.
  3. Address your wellbeing and support needs.
  4. Explore career support and development opportunities.
  5. Collaboratively set objectives and create a work plan.

ARC empowers you to thrive in your role, fosters a positive working environment, and ensures your voice is heard.
Please navigate our web pages to access resources, guidelines, and support materials to enhance your Annual Review Conversation experience.
Embrace the power of meaningful conversations with ARC! 

At the centre of the Annual Review Conversation is the conversation. The process has been set up to support that conversation to be as effective and efficient as possible rather than get in the way of it, so you may need to adapt the process to meet your needs.

  1. Start the process by completing the Agenda Setting and Reflections Survey.
  2. Have your Annual Review Conversation with your manager.
  3. Make sure the ARC Form is filled out with all the actions from the conversation, and share this with your manager.

For a more in-depth, step-by-step guide, see the checklist for both Individuals and Managers.