With your new team member confirmed to join us at Imperial, it's time to consider their onboarding and induction.
Our people are at the heart of Imperial, and we couldn't achieve our mission of Science for Humanity without them. A smooth onboarding and induction process is crucial to ensuring they feel welcomed and are set up for success in their new role.
As the new starter's line manager, you are responsible for their onboarding and induction, although you may delegate some tasks to your team where appropriate.

Once they have started, some key elements of a successful induction are:

  • Understanding the Role and Expectations:
    Clearly explain the new team member's role, what they can expect from you, and what you expect from them.
    Show them what success looks like, set initial objectives, and share Imperial's goals.
    Provide essential background information to help them with their work and offer insights into colleagues' roles.
  • Essential Training and Policies:
    Ensure they complete all necessary training and understand Imperial-wide and local policies.
  • Introducing Our Culture:
    Welcome them to Imperial by introducing the department, team, and our culture.
    Highlight our Values and Behaviours framework of Respect, Collaboration, Excellence, Integrity, and Innovation. Emphasise our commitment to diversity and inclusion and explain the context in which they will operate.
  • Building Connections:
    Encourage interpersonal relationships and foster a sense of belonging to help them feel welcome and part of the Imperial community.

We have created this Onboarding and Induction Checklist for Managers to help Line Managers prepare for the induction process before the arrival of a new member of staff and carry out a thorough onboarding and induction until the end of probation. 

If they are a new lecturer, you need to ensure they are assigned an Academic Adviser and arrange their meeting. The responsibilities of an Academic Adviser can be found here.