All of the information within Imperial College Information Systems (ICIS) can be extracted using various reporting tools. The type of information you require will determine which reporting tool you use.

Choose a reporting tool

There are two methods of reporting on the information stored in ICIS:

  • Discoverer Viewer/Plus for reporting on content within all ICIS modules;
  • OBIEE/IC Analytics for reporting on education, grants, InfoED, NSS, outreach, purchasing and iExpenses.

Information on ICIS reporting tools

Discoverer Viewer/Plus Reports

Discoverer is a database-querying tool that can be used to extract information from ICIS. The advantage of Discoverer is that you does not need to have a technical background or knowledge of database structures. Discoverer uses icons, wizards and menus similar to those in Excel to enable you to design and run your own reports.

The sections of ICIS that you can report on will depend upon the responsibilities you hold in the system.

Who can use Discoverer?

Anybody with an Imperial account can use Discoverer.

apply for access to Discoverer

  1. Log a request via ASK ICT.
  2. State that you would like access to Discoverer.

You will be notified when access is granted. To build and run your own reports, follow the guides below.

access Discoverer

To access Discoverer, login using these links:

Reporting access

You can report on any sections that you have access to within ICIS. If you require access to further ICIS responsibilities, go to Request access to ICIS modules.

build and run reports

Read these user guides:

OBIEE/ICA reports

OBIEE (Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition) is a Business Intelligence tool that allows you to analyse data and present it in various formats, such as reports, charts and pivot tables.

access to IC Analytics

Visit the Use Imperial College Analytics (ICA) area.

Find out more about the College Data and Statistics Catalogue.