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Programme lead: Valarie Williams Foy - POD
Cost: £2600 + VAT
Format: Blended (Face to Face Sessions + Virtual Sessions + Masterclasses + Self-Assessment + Coaching Sessions + Peer-to-Peer Sessions + Field Trip)
Duration: 1 year
Dates: Two Cohorts will be held per year.
Please email for details on the yearly start dates.
The start dates for cohort 1, 2023-2024  08 & 09 November 2023

Application formHeads of Departments Onboarding Leadership Programme 2023-2024 [PDF, 11.3MB]

Imperial College London is a world-changing global powerhouse known for its innovation, entrepreneurship, societal benefit, and impact. Our academic and professional, technical & operational Heads of Department (HoDs) belong to the same ecosystem responsible for creating and sustaining an environment where high-quality teaching and research can be delivered, and as such, share many common goals.

What is the Programme?

 This one-year academic and professional, technical & operational Heads of Department Onboarding Leadership Programme (2023– 2024) is designed to bring both groups of college heads together to create lifelong learning partnerships, remove silos, and create greater understanding to help consolidate Imperial’s position and status. This programme is underpinned by our Values.

Networking and having the ability to build relationships is a commonly sought-after leadership competency.

As part of this programme, you will also have peer-to-peer connection opportunities. You will also learn from external leading experts and other organisations in the form of a field trip. We are confident some workshops will prompt personal and professional reflections and self-examination. There will be many transformative opportunities to build your leadership capability.

For prospective applicants

The programme is intended for new Heads of Department who have been in the role for a minimum of six months, relatively new Heads of Department who have been appointed within the last two years, and any remaining places may be allocated to those who feel that a refresher might be useful for their professional development.

Before completing the application form in full, please ensure that you have approval from your line manager, as you are required to provide your department budget code to cover the cost of participation. In the application form, there are two key sections; the first is to discuss your work experience, where you are required to share the things you have done and secondly, your professional development experience for the things that you have learnt.

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