Information and Booking

If you would like to discuss supporting specific staff groups, please contact Madiha Sajid at to arrange a one-on-one conversation.


Supervision is one form of support, but support goes beyond just that.
The role of managers in supporting staff preparing for parental or adoption leave or returning from long-term absence is crucial in ensuring a smooth transition and maintaining a positive work environment.

We aim to equip managers with the skills and knowledge required to support specific staff groups with any needs.
For example:

  • Staff planning maternal, parental, or adoption leave.
  • Staff returning from leave to work after a prolonged absence.
  • Staff requesting sickness leave.

We also hope to explore specific Imperial policies and local procedures in place that need to be followed.

What can I discuss?

During the 1-1 conversation, you can:

  • Get advice on the support needs of the staff groups you are responsible for.
  • Explore common challenges and understand how to address them.
  • Get information and knowledge about Imperial-specific policies.
  • Receive signposting to other sources of support.