Who should attend

Heads of Department, DAs /DoMs / DMs, i.e. those responsible for creating and maintaining Risk Registers.


Departments are asked to revise their Risks as part of their Planning Round information. The 2009 Planning Round introduced a new Risk Management Policy and Template, and The Empirical management system was rolled out in 2010.

Empirical is a management system that allows departments to record and manage their departmental objectives in a manner that allows them to track actions and present reports to their management meetings. Using this system also demonstrates that departments identify and manage their risks without additional bureaucratic burden.
From the 2012 Planning Round, risks/objectives must be recorded in Empirical as spreadsheets are no longer accepted, seminars are available to support this process.
Staff who will be involved in maintaining their risks registers are encouraged to attend a seminar to learn more about the requirements.

Further Information

If you have any questions, please contact Nick Kay.
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