Effective management and leadership are vital to the success of Imperial. Managers and leaders need to create a positive working environment for our colleagues that drives high performance and builds an inclusive culture where everyone can thrive regardless of their background, experience, role, or status. We expect managers and leaders to act as positive role models, demonstrating our values in their behaviours of Respect, Collaboration, Excellence, Integrity, Innovation and setting high standards for their teams.

Being a manager is not enough; one also needs people and leadership skills to maximise their staff’s potential and achieve results.
The re-designed management and leadership development offer helps to build self-awareness and self-reflection to be an effective and inclusive people manager and positively impact wellbeing, diversity and inclusion, delegate, build a team, or have the necessary conversations.
Choose what you need when you need it. Aspiring managers, Welcome toolkit for managers, Management fundamentals, Leadership skills, Coaching, and mentoring are relevant to all job families: Academic, Research, Learning and teaching, Operational Services, Professional Support, and Technical service.

Management and Leadership development pathways:

Welcome toolkit for new managers


Important information

To suit different learning needs and to meet managers (1) at the point of their need, we now offer a blended and self-directed approach to development:

  • e-learning (internal and curated, e.g. via Linked Learning)
  • Webinars
  • Facilitated sessions (2)
  • Evidence-based articles, podcasts, books recommendations, etc.

(1) A manager: formal management positions and/or: has dotted line management responsibilities, allocates work to others, monitors and gives feedback on the work of others, contributes to or conducts the PRDP of other staff, manages PhD students

(2) Managers who book a place on a facilitated session will be required to complete the allocated online e-learning module before attending (facilitated sessions focus on peer to peer learning and follow on from the e-learning module)