• How Who has access to Self Service bookings?
    Imperial College employees will have access via the My Training responsibility in ICIS.
  • How do I get into My Training?
    Follow the link from the course or hub pages on the website or, if you are an ICIS user, log in to ICIS, and you’ll find My Training in the list of your responsibilities.
  • The link to My Training isn’t working – what do I do?
    Try again, or try from another computer.
    If the problem persists, contact the ICT Service Desk.
  • How do I search for a course?
    If you know the course name you’re looking for, type in keywords into the search box, and the results will return anything with the keyword(s) in the title.
    If you want to browse, you can use the catalogue tab on the top right-hand side of the My Training homepage – click one of the categories and navigate through to a range of courses.
  • What if I can’t find what I’m looking for?
    Try the College training providers’ web pages – not all courses are available to book via "My Training", so you may find other courses there.
  • Why do you ask for a Finance code?
    For courses with a fee, please ensure you enter a Finance code as not doing so may hold up your booking.
    For courses without a fee, the Finance code is not essential but may be needed later, for example, for a cancellation fee.
  • What is the Special Instructions box for?
    This is where you can let the training provider know of any requirements you have that may affect your attendance on the course. For example, accessibility issues or dietary requirements.
  • I get a message telling me that the date I want to book clashes, and I’m already booked on a course for that date – can I proceed?
    Yes – normally, this message will appear if you are booked on an online course with extended course dates.
    However, it is worth double-checking on the enrolment screen that you haven’t accidentally booked on more than one classroom-based course for the same date.
  • How do I know if my booking’s gone through?
    The class will appear in the list of enrolments on your "My Training" homepage. If the class does not appear immediately, it should show the next time you log in.
  • I’ve just booked a course, why isn’t it showing in my Enrolments?
    If you’ve only just booked the course, it may take a little while to show. If the course requires approval, you’ll find it in the Requested Learning section until it gets approved.
  • Who do I contact if I’ve made a mistake with my booking?
    You can find the name of the Training Provider for the course within your booking.
  • Why can some courses be booked through My Training and others can’t?
    Courses for which there are prerequisites or require booking by a central contact, such as a Safety representative, may not be available for Self Service.
    All courses will continue to be displayed on training providers’ websites.
  • Why do some courses need approval and others don’t?
    Where there are limited spaces, prerequisites or costs involved, the course may be set up to require course administrator approval.
  • How long does it take for a course to be approved?
    Training providers aim to respond to approval requests within 24 hours. Once approved, the class will show in your Enrolments.
  • How can I keep track of my current bookings?
    The Enrolments section of My Training lists all of your current bookings
  • How do I cancel my place?
    In the same way as usual – contact the training provider of the course. Note that a cancellation fee may be chargeable in some instances – see the providers’ terms and conditions for further details.
  • Can I see a list of all the courses I’ve already attended?
    Yes, if you click the Learning History tab on the right-hand side of the My Training homepage, you’ll find a list of the courses you’ve attended.
    You can sort your Learning History by Start Date, Class Name or Status – click the top of the column to sort.
  • There’s a course missing from my Learning History – who do I need to tell?
    If the course was run by one of the College training departments, it should show in your Learning History. Note that attendance on courses pre-2006 will show in the section of your Learning History called ‘External Learning’.
    If the course was recent, it might be that the attendance details have not been updated yet – allow a couple of weeks for course attendance to be updated and if it still isn’t showing in your Learning History, contact the course provider.
    If the course was a local provision run by someone in your department, it might not be recorded on the database.
  • What is External Learning? Can I add to it?
    External Learning will contain centrally-run training pre-2006 plus any extra training that has been inputted (for example, a previous First Aid qualification). At this stage, you can view but cannot add to your External Learning.