Steering Group

Terms of Reference

To increase the effectiveness and pervasiveness of student partnership activities across the college and ensuring best practice is disseminated and championed by:

  • Considering and refining new StudentShaper programme streams and discussing their implementation
  • Considering reports from existing StudentShaper activities to further develop and refine best practice
  • Considering how Student partnership activities can be better communicated both internally and externally
  • Understanding how educational research underpins our student partnership practices and how evaluation of our activities may contribute to understanding of student partnership activity.


Reports to the Learning and Teaching Committee. 

Other groups will be reported to as relevant. 


 9th November 2022 Steering Group minutes

StudentShapers Steering group minutes 8th February 2023

Constitution and Membership

Constitution and Membership

  • Director of StudentShapers (Chair)
  • ICU Deputy President (Education)
  • Education Strategy Officer (Education Office)
  • ICU Education and Welfare manager
  • Graduate School Staff Member
  • EDU Staff Member
  • Project 'Champions': students and/or staff and Faculty Education Managers (or equivalent) to attend meetings when relevant
  • Staff from Registry, EDU, the Digital Learning Hub and ICU to attend when useful.

Committee Secretary

For more information please contact Bryony Markwick , StudentShapers Coordinator

Membership 21/22
Mike Streule  Director of StudentShapers (Chair)
Jason Zheng  ICU Deputy President (Education)
Nikki Boyd Educational Development Unit
Caroline Clewley Education Office
 Kieron Creagh Education Strategy Officer
Bethan Richie Deputy Manager - Graduate School
Richard Bale Educational Development Unit
Paulina Kristiansson Education Office - Imperial Award Manager
Iro Ntonia Centre for Higher Education Research and Scholarship
Summary of the table's contents

Meeting Dates and Deadlines

  • Wednesday 10th November 2021
  • Wednesday 16th February 2022
  • Wednesday 18th May 2022

Items of business should be submitted to the StudentShapers Coordinator no later than one week prior to the meeting.