Academic writing courses

Writing provision linked to the ESA

Before the Early Stage Assessment* (ESA)

Preparation for Academic Writing helps doctoral students who score level 1 on DACR A1 reach the level required to start Academic Writing 1.

Academic Writing 1 and Academic Writing 2 are sequential core courses to help doctoral students who score level 2 on DACR A1 prepare for writing the ESA report.

Academic Writing 1&2 (Condensed) is a fast-track, condensed course for doctoral students who score level 3 on DACR A1 to develop their academic communication before the ESA. 

After the Early Stage Assessment (ESA)

Improving Academic Writing is an opportunity for guided and targeted writing support to enable doctoral students scoring level 1 or 2 on DACR A2 to work on their writing and boost their progress.

‌*Please note that because these courses are progressive, you can only take 1 of them per term.

Writing provision available in the 1st, 2nd or 3rd year

Advanced Academic Writing is for doctoral students who wish to improve the effectiveness and all-round readability of their STEMM research writing. This series of sessions will help participants understand how their own science can be presented in a more logical, impactful and reader-friendly way.

Writing a Research Paper is for doctoral students who are at the stage of writing papers for publication. This series of sessions specifically focuses on training participants to use research papers in their own field as input to create effective writing models and identify relevant language features.

In collaboration with the Graduate School, the Thesis Writing Retreat provides a focused opportunity to make major advances in writing the doctoral thesis in a supported, structured environment.

To better understand how our writing provision ties in with the doctoral milestones, please refer to this flowchart.

The Business School requests that their students and staff contact their Global Skills Development team about their equivalent to the Centre for Academic English provision.