Welcome to the International Relations Office

The IRO supports the development of academic partnerships with overseas universities, governments and related international organisations.

Many of Imperial’s international partnerships are developed by individual staff, rather than centrally directed.  The IRO’s mission is to deepen and augment these links, and to create opportunities for new ones. 


The team serves three core functions:

1.       Global strategy development: identifying emerging opportunities for the College to develop international peer-to-peer academic and government partnerships that help address global challenges

 We do this by undertaking horizon scanning and analysis of external opportunities, mapping this against our academics’ research and education priorities, and by seeking advice from relevant external contacts including embassies, funding agencies, UK government, and other academic institutions 

2.       Programme delivery: coordinating and/or delivering specific international academic projects that enable the College to collaborate with and educate the global best

 Examples include student mobility at undergraduate and postgraduate level with a range of international partners, various research seed funds designed to facilitate new links, and the Imperial Global Science Policy Forum, an events programme designed to connect senior international science, education and innovation advisers to Imperial researchers, industry experts, and other relevant stakeholders including parts of UK government

 3.       Service and Stewardship: providing expert, evidence-led advice to the College community and providing relationship management services to inform effective decision-making on international matters

 We undertake analysis of international opportunities, write briefings about current and future international partnerships, and provide details about funding or other mechanisms that may support international partnership. We convene country and regional academic advisory groups in order to review and discuss international opportunities.  We are a ‘front door’ for the College’s international and academic partners, including foreign governments, international sections of UK government, scholarship agencies, funding bodies, universities and research institutions and convene incoming and outgoing international visits.  We coordinate MoUs as well as supporting exchange agreements and letters of intent.