The International Relations Office (IRO) facilitates the development and stewardship of international partnerships with peer universities, governments and related organisations across more than 190 countries woldwide, with an overarching aim to support the College in collaborating with and educating the best globally.

Many of Imperial’s international partnerships are developed by individual staff, rather than centrally directed. The IRO’s mission is to deepen and augment these links, and to create opportunities for new ones. 

The office serves four core functions:

1. Global strategy development / business development: To identify emerging opportunities for the College to develop international peer-to-peer academic/government partnerships that help address global challenges and attract the best global talent.

2. Global strategy implementation / delivery: To coordinate and/or deliver specific international academic and education projects that enable the College to collaborate with and educate the global best.

3. Global engagement and reputation-building- To contribute to the College’s global reputation through participating in and forming international networks and by facilitating international engagement/ speaking platforms for academic leaders and College leadership.

4. Service and stewardship: To provide expert, evidence-led advice to the College community and provide relationship management services to inform effective decision-making on international matters.

Imperial College London works with international partners in many ways, such as through joint laboratories and centres, seed funds and projects, and student and staff exchanges. We are open to new innovative global relationships with universities, governments and international organisations, across the globe.