Core computing services are provided centrally by the College. Academic and Professional staff are provided with a PC. Research staff and students are provided with computing facilities via their research grants, please see your supervisor for further information. Undergraduate students are provided with an iPad (since 2017/2018).

Undergraduate and MSc students are provided with access to computers in the UG common room (CAGB 205) and MSc common room (CAGB 146b). These machines are dual-boot and can either start a standard College Windows environment, or the Aeronautics Linux environment. To change environment, restart the computer and select either “Linux” or “Windows” from the menu shown after the HP logo.


There are various Departmental and College contacts for Computing-related issues:

  • For general computing issues related to your laptop or workstation, email and office applications, or network access please contact the ICT service desk.
  • You may also be able to get help from the ICT Deskside Services Team, who run local drop-in sessions in buildings across the College. For more information on where these are located, visit the ICT service desk webpage.
  • For information and queries relating to the departmental Linux environment or advice on purchasing, please email
  • For queries relating to the Departmental website (and Research Group Websites) please contact Ayesha Khan, Departmental Communications and Events Manager.