‌‌UG Internal Project Proposal for 4th Year -

Submission Deadline:  26 April 2024

Please read this information carefully before proceeding to the projects list below.

Adding projects to the projects list

When using the projects list, you must fill in a separate entry for each individual UG project providing as much information as you can. 4th year UG students commencing in October 2024 will be given a whole academic year to complete their final year project.

 Staff are to required to submit a minimum of 5 Long projects.

Please note this list is for UG students only(If you wish to offer the same project(s) for MSc then you will need to provide Ravinder Panesar with the Project code after she sends out her MSc project request in the summer.)

We are providing the UG project list submitted last year (see below) in order to preserve all details when re-using projects. You should edit your existing entries to reflect the ones you wish to offer for 2024-25 and add new projects as necessary. There is a tick box called "Project Effort" to indicate if projects require a significant effort from the student throughout the academic year. Please enter the maximum number of students assigned to your project. Please do not repeat identical project titles. 

Spacecraft Engineering Projects

We need at least 20 spacecraft related projects for the Spacecraft Engineering programme and staff are strongly asked to consider offering one or more Space-related project. 


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For reference: 2023-24 projects, as they were offered to the students, can be found in the documents below.

H401 H425 H420 Long Project List 2023-2024

Owing to limited capacity in the labs and to avoid overcrowding, staff are advised that the total number of experimental projects allocated will have to be capped. Each member of staff is guaranteed the allocation of one UG experimental project, with additional experimental projects allocated subject to student choices and the availability of resources. Therefore please ensure that the greater proportion of your proposals are non-experimental.
Please ensure that you give as much detail as possible for proposed experimental projects to help us manage our resources and assess the demands on facilities and Technical Staff.
When considering your manufacturing needs, also consider any fixtures and fittings that may also be needed - rather than just the item you plan to test (e.g how will your test piece fit in the wind tunnel?) You are strongly encouraged to discuss proposed experiments with the technicians before submitting your projects. The following are the projects resource guidelines for 2024-25 (applies to Aeronautics-staff supervised projects only)
a. Structures - £425 (Consumables/Expenditure), up to 35 hrs technician time
b. Manufacturing Intensive - £300 (Consumables/Expenditure), up to 70 hrs technician time
c. Ready-made Experiment - £150 (Consumables/Expenditure), up to 35 hrs technician time

If you encounter any problems or if you have further queries, please contact Shirin (in the UG office) by emailing ae.office@imperial.ac.uk