Brahmal Vasudevan Multi Terrain Aerial Robotics Arena

The Arena is the first of its kind in Europe, enabling engineers to test the next generation of aerial robotics for urban environments and extreme conditions. Researchers in the Arena are able to simulate different terrains in the air, the ocean and on land. The space also enables engineers to create extreme conditions such as fire, smoke and heat to simulate how the next generation of drones will perform in harsh environments.

Vicon Flight ArenaFlight Arena

A large enclosed 10x6.2x5.5m flight arena, equipped with 16 Vicon T40 tracking cameras, capable of tracking multiple flying objects in 6 degrees of freedom, with millimetre accuracy. Tracking data can be used for closed loop control of vehicles.

Microthruster Lab

Flight test lab with full fume extraction (air replaced 15 times/hour),DPSS laser allowing for the safe indoor testing of combustible fuels and rocket engines for micro aerial vehicles. The lab is equipped with a 8-camera Optitrack system for vehicle tracking, a water tank for aerial-aquatic tests, and a protected observation area.

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

A huge range of testing platforms, ranging from heavy lift (>5kg) octocopters, to high precision conventional quadrotors and high performance micro (<100 gram) vehicles. These vehicles are used to test novel mechansims and flight algorithms, or are modified to operate reliably in realistic environments.