Laser Micromachining System

A diode-pumped solid state laser capable of machining 3-dimensional structures into almost any material, with a beam diameter of 8µm at maximum focus.

Objet 350 Connex Rapid Prototyping Machine

A multi-material 3D printing system, with a 350x350x200mm build envelope and a 16µm layer height. The machine is capable of printing rigid mechanisms as well as in soft rubber-like materials.

SCS Labcoater Parylene Deposition System

A parylene deposition system capable of manufacturing microscale flexible skins, and conformal coatings for the protection of components hondaturbines from water damage and solvents.

Thermoforming Equipmentco2laser

Vacuum forming and strip heating machines for the manufacture of plastic shell structures.

FDM Rapid Protyping Systems

Makerbot 5 and Stratasys Dimension 3D printers for rapid manufacture of components in ABS and PLA plastics.

CO2 Laser Cutter

Laser rapid prototyping system capable of rapidly producing 2-dimensional structures in a wide variety of plastics and wood materials.