The Department has a long tradition of testing complex mechanical and structural components. Testing of materials, compression and tension, fatigue, environment, high energy and gravitational impacts, is available.

Most of the equipment is fitted with electronic instrumentation and/or is computer controlled.

Testing Equipment

  • New 250kN Instron (9585) test machine with environment chamber -150/+350 Centigrade. Hydraulic Grips with 320kN grip capacity
  • Two new 50kN Instron (5969) test machines
  • New 250kN Instron 8802 hydraulic test machine with environment chamber -150/+350 centigrade. Water cooled hydraulic crisps for use in the environment chamber
  • Instron 100kN hydraulic fatigue machine with hydraulic grips
  • Instron 25kN high rate hydraulic test machine up to 3m/s with hydraulic grips
  • New 10kN Instron ElectroPuls E10000 together with 100Nm torque capability
  • New Instron 1800 Joule drop tower (Ceast 9350) with environment chamber -70/+150 Centigrade
  • Custom build compression frame to pre-load panels up to 1m wide and 1.5 m long with up to 150 tonnes pre-load prior to impact
  • TA Instruments RSA-G2 DMTA machine with an environment chamber to -150/+500 Centigrade
  • Custom built 250 tonne hyper stiff compression machine
  • Custom build gas gun 50mm bore up to 1200m/s
  • Custom built gas gun 25mm bore up to 500m/s
  • Latest Aramis 3D Digital Image Correlation system giving full field strain and out of plane buckling
  • Latest Mistras Acoustic Emission system for detecting fibre and matrix failures
  • Phantom V2511 High Speed Camera
  • Two Phantom V12.1 High Speed Cameras
  • Two Imetrum Optical Strain systems
  • Clip on Extensometers
  • Strain gauge measurement capacity on all machines
  • All test machines have fixtures and fittings to meet most test standards
  • Fully equipped workshop to manufacture custom fittings

For more information please contact Joseph Meggyesi